June 20th 2019



Fisheries and Maritime Museum, Tarphagevej 2, 6710 Esbjerg V

Program overview

Conference part 1

Technical Visits, to give an insight in the supply chain of the offshore wind industry.


Followed by joint coffee break between ministers and industry

Conference part 2

The future industry for offshore wind

Insights from key speakers from the offshore wind industry 

High Level Speaker Panel

- with key speakers and selected energy ministers.

Afternoon reception

Hosted by the mayor of Esbjerg, Jesper frost Rasmussen

The heritage

The North Seas have for years been of vital importance for Europe. Contributing to the daily lives of millions of people in the form of fish, oil, and gas. The Fishing industry has been and remains a vital source for food and has in many ways contributed wealth and jobs to the EU region. In the golden period of fishing in Europe, Esbjerg had 500 fishing vessels in the port of Esbjerg. For several reasons, however, this has come to a stop, and the transformation to an Energy Metropolis has been ongoing for many years.

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum includes an exhibit about the heritage from our ancestors and the fishing industry, an exhibit that helps us remember and understand our heritage. A heritage which we must not forget when making decisions about how our future society will be built.

That is why the North Seas Energy Conference will take place in this exhibition hall, that tells the harsh story of the seafarers, who risked their lives to harvest the wealth of the North Seas.

North Seas Energy Conference

Now the time has come for the energy harvest of the North Seas region, with the development of the full potential of offshore wind in the North Seas. The development is ongoing. But to reach the full potential and for the North Seas to be the Silicon Valley of energy, we need the industry and the political framework to work closely together.

During the conference, the energy ministers of the North Seas countries, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, UK and Sweden will meet in Esbjerg to discuss future cooperation to secure the development of offshore wind in the North Seas. The future of the North Seas Energy Cooperation is at stake.

While the energy ministerial meeting takes place, you can participate in a conference, which will focus on the conditions and requirements needed to fulfill the potential for offshore wind in the North Seas.

Interesting technical visits at the port of Esbjerg will give you an insight in the daily work and issues of the offshore wind industry. Key industry speakers contribute with input to the vision of 100 GW offshore wind by the year 2030.

Adding to that, a high-level speaker panel with the industry and energy ministers will discuss the future terms and demands for a healthy development for offshore wind in the North Seas.

Ending the day with an afternoon reception hosted by the mayor of Esbjerg, Jesper Frost Rasmussen, in the Fisheries and Maritime Museum. You can walk amongst fishes and seals or explore the offshore energy exhibition.



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